I run another blog; one that gets updated far more often than this one does. As a result I get a lot of comments, and even more spam. Every now and then I like to take a look at this spam just to see if anything real slipped by, because a. filters aren’t perfect and b. I crave acceptance and positive reinforcement, without which I am nothing. Here is a selection of some comments that warmed my heart, that I can look to when I doubt myself and my dedication to my blog.

It really means a lot when your parents support what you do.

Yes, shoe shops can at times feel both complicated and broad at the same time.

I’m glad he liked the articles trulier than the style, since I didn’t design the blog. Good luck with the pull-ups.

Hitting the nail upon the top is what it’s all about.

It affected me on a deep level to learn that the first commenter here had taken time out from his chosen crusade to let me know how much my blog meant to him. There are so many male breasts in the world right now, and he has such a big job ahead of him, yet he still took a moment to give someone else a boost.

That’s not to say that I don’t get my share of comments here either: